They Were Looking For This Man When A Croc Gave Them A Gut-Wrenching Surprise

On July 18, a man in Berau, Indonesia, met a horrible and grisly fate when he stepped into the Lempake River with his friends.

The 41-year-old, named Syarifuddin, had been bathing in the water that evening when, according to the people who were with him, a saltwater crocodile lunged and dragged him away. Along with his relatives, police searched for him that night. Unfortunately, they came up empty-handed — but they learned what had become of him the next day.

On Wednesday morning, villagers saw something floating in the water towards them. It was being pushed along by a crocodile.

It was Syarifuddin’s naked body, which villagers were able to recover after the predator released it and swam away.

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