Police Are Developing New Radar Guns That Can Detect More Than Speed

People are becoming more and more attached to their phones. It’s extremely dangerous to text and drive, but people continue to do it. Now, speeding is not the only problem that cops are trying to solve out on the road.

Social media causes people to do way more than just text and drive. They need to take snaps of themselves at the wheel, Instagram a photo of the nice sunset or simply make a Facebook status at a red light.

But don’t worry, police radar guns can actually do way more now. Traditionally, radar guns made it easier for cops to detect which drivers were speeding and which drivers weren’t. But a new technological breakthrough has changed the capabilities of radar guns in a big way.

A Virginia-based company called ComSonics may have found the solution to this worldwide issue of texting and driving. Their newly developed radar gun will have multiple uses.

According to Daily Headlines, the radar gun will not only be able to tell officers who is speeding, but also which driver is on their phone.

You probably need clearing up on how this would work. You might be wondering how it can distinguish between the driver and passenger.

According to Mashable, the radar gun would scan frequencies emitted from inside the vehicle, making it easy to detect cell phone use from inside the car.

Reportedly, it cannot tell if the driver or passenger are texting. It can only show the probability that the driver is on the phone. But still, like with any early prototype improvements can be made.

The new technology can also differentiate between call and text frequencies. In some places it is legal to make calls but not text.

Many are worried about their privacy as well. They worry that if the gun can pick up frequencies, it may be able to pick up content. However, ComSonics ensures this won’t be the case.

The method in building this gun is similar to the technology employed by cable repairmen when locating where the damage in the cable is.

This isn’t the first newly thought of radar device. Another that is already in use to help police see through walls…kind of.

This device, called “Ranger”, is a highly sensitive motion detector that is about 9 inches long and only weighs about a pound.

Ranger shoots radar rays through a wall and into a room on the other side. Rays bounce back through the wall to the device.

Then a display shows how close the movement is on the other side of the wall. Already more than 40 law enforcement agencies have access to it, including firefighters and SWAT.

Using your phone while driving has created a dangerous road for all drivers. We’re either guilty of it or have seen drivers ahead of us swerving back and forth.

Another concern with this device is even if it shows that someone in a vehicle is using their phone while driving, how will cops be able to prove it?

The driver can easily put their phones down by the time the cop approaches them or they can blame it on their passenger and say the new device glitched

The gun is still being worked on but we think this device can definitely fix the issue of not only speeding but also texting while driving.


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