Man’s Attempt To Troll Supermarket’s Twitter Account Goes Weird

As more celebrities and companies start moving to the digital world, operating social media accounts on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we’re living in the most interconnected era of all time. Customers can easily interact with consumers and vice versa, and some people are definitely taking advantage of that.

Like this Twitter conversation between an attempted internet troll and a Morrisons employee. Twitter user @PeeWeeMFC75 tweeted to the supermarket complaining about the lack of doughnut holes in a package of doughnuts.

Seemingly innocent, but @PeeWeeMFC75 was cheeky about it, asking: “how am I supposed to put these on my willy” with a series of angry emoticons. Probably thinking he wouldn’t get a response, @PeeWeeMFC75 sent off the tweet, but wait until you see what happened next.

Almost instantly, @PeeWeeMFC75 got a response from Morrisons, and rather than calling him out for being rude or telling him to take his business elsewhere, “Cam” suggests that he “improvise”. This innocent response from a diligent customer service agent sparked a hilarious and viral interaction.

@PeeWeeMFC75 fired back, again trying to troll the supermarket chain by jokingly saying: “I did I’m now in a&e with burns from onion rings.” In what would make even the person with the thickest skin roll their eyes, Cam managed to come up with a decent response, asking if he let them cool or not.

The exchange carries on, with @PeeWeeMFC75 telling Cam that his girlfriend is impatient, and Cam giving him the advice to “leave everything to chill for 2 minutes”. @PeeWeeMFC75 thanks “Cam” for their “help”, to which they respond “if you need anything else, you know where to find me.”

The hilarious exchange is blowing up on the internet, with another Twitter user dubbing it “the golden age of customer service”. People were thoroughly impressed with “Cam” even saying that they were a “legend”. “Cam is the star really, but we made a good double act,” said @PeeWeeMFC75. BuzzFeed has reached out to Morrisons to see if they can find out who the legendary Cam really is.


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