Man Spreads Rumors Of His Death To Find Out If People Would Cry For Him

Austin, TX.— A 23-year old man, with his friends’ help, simulated his own death yesterday. In order to achieve is goal, he spread a rumor among his friends and family, and even organized his own funeral. All of this, because he wanted to know if his friends and family would actually cry over his death.

When his friends and family got together to bury him, ready to lift the coffin, the man suddenly appeared saying “good news, I’m alive!”.

After the big shock and confusion, the family got really mad because they couldn’t believe he made them spend so much money for nothing.

The young man defended himself, assuring that “I really wanted to know how much you’d cry for my death. It’s something no one can really know for sure and I did achieve it”.

Now he’s got the hard task of getting back the love from all those people.


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