12 Tips That May End Up Saving Your Life One Day

There’s a reason why the phrase ‘YOLO’ got so popular, and it’s because there’s some serious truth to it. We do only live once, therefore it’s important that we make the absolute best of the time we’re given on this earth, and apart from making the best of your life is knowing how to be safe.

Practically everything in this world is dangerous, and if you’re a person with anxiety then you probably know this all too well. This article isn’t written to scare anyone or keep you locked in your house away from all the scary things the world has to offer, it’s actually been written to do the exact opposite.

Danger can be found anywhere and everywhere, so here are eight tips that could possibly save your life one day!

1. Car Crash. Despite following the regular rules of not texting and driving, wearing your seatbelt, paying attention to the road, etc. a life saver during a car accident is to actually relax your body before the impact. Easier said than done though.

2. Fire. Fire safety is taught from a young age, but if you’re caught in a burning building then stay low and place a wet cloth over your mouth and nose if possible to keep your lungs safe before escaping.

3. Dog Attack. Never turn your back on an aggressive dog as it will activate the dog’s prey hunting instinct. Experts also suggest never to look an aggressive dog in the eye or smile as they believe this only enhances the dog’s aggressive mentality.

4. Elevator Fall. If you ever find yourself in an old elevator with the capability to drop, the best thing to do is lay on the floor. This increases your chances of survival though you will still be injured and suffer some broken bones.

5. Nuclear Explosion. If you’re miles away from a detonated nuclear bomb, then get into a location that will protect you from high winds and debris. After that, get away from the fallout (go in the direction of the wind) and put as much distance between you and the explosion site as possible.

6. Spider Bite. In serious cases, you will feel symptoms of a spider bite within fifteen minutes and will need immediate medical attention. While you wait, wash the bite and apply ice as this will slow the spread of the venom and keep you calm.

7. Shark Attack. Sharks often believe that human victims are fish or another form of prey. If you’re ever faced with a shark the best thing to do is swat, punch, or kick the shark. Don’t swim away as the shark will think you’re playing hard to get/playing a game.

8. Falling From High Altitudes. If you’re ever falling from a high altitude without a parachute then facing the earth with your back arched and your arms stretched out with your elbows and knees bent can help with stability. The position will increase your drag as well slowing your fall.

9. Stranded In Water. Use your pants to fashion a makeshift life jacket if you’re ever stranded in deep water. The best way to do this is to take off your pants and keep them in front of you. It requires a bit of maneuvering and steps but you can find diagrams online.

10. Stab Wounds. If you ever find yourself stabbed by someone or something then don’t remove the object because it’ll cause heavy blood loss. If the object has already been removed put pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding.

11. Calling 911. On most cell phones you can actually call 911 without service or even a SIM card.

12. Fighting A Riptide. Riptides are immensely strong and trying to swim against them will only pull you under and possibly cause you to drown. The best way to “fight” a riptide is by swimming parallel to the shore or floating on your back


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